About Us: Who Are We?

Stimulus Children’s Theatre (or Stim for short!) is the University of Pennsylvania’s premier child-oriented theatre group. In addition to the shows we perform on campus each semester, we go out into the Philadelphia community to share the wonders of theatre with those who might not otherwise be able to experience it. We also do a variety of things such as pre- and post-show workshops, story tellings, interactive shows, and more. Stim works to enable those who work on our projects and experience them to feel empowered through our messages, support, and encouragement. We’re a group of big kids passionate about performing for, empowering, teaching, sharing with, and enriching the lives of little kids and big kids alike. Our shows always teach some kind of lesson, whether moral, philosophical, or one of song and dance.

From musicals like Willy Wonka, Seussical: the Musical, or High School Musical to straight plays such as Charlotte’s Web, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and The Little Prince, Stim performs a variety of shows that are enjoyable for all ages. To encourage everyone to chase their dreams, Stim has also performed student written shows such as Cirque! Recently, we even collaborated with a Penn alum to produce the first ever performance of The Prince and the Wooglefoof, a musical she wrote.

At the time of our founding in 1988, Stim was rather small with limited capabilities. Our founders made up for this in their passion for Stim’s mission and created a group that loves children and theatre, and bringing it to as many people as possible. Since then, we have been continuing this aim and our drive for enriching the lives of everyone in the Stim community and beyond has never faded.